Every business has its purpose; every businessman has his goal. At Adwright, we believe that strategizing is crucial in taking the next big step. Before you establish a new image, it is advantageous to review your plans and goals. You need to have a good idea of where you want to be headed, how you want to be seen or heard, and what needs to be done to achieve all these.

A brand strategy needs to be formulated to make sure the brand stays on track. It helps to instill corporate culture and value that will shape the company. It guides how, what, where, when and to whom the company plan to communicate and deliver their brand messages. It will define their brand, support their positioning, and drive the way their brand is managed and perceived. The results of brand strategy may not be apparent right after its implementation, but in the due time, fruits of labor will reveal themselves.

  • Perform opportunity analysis
  • Align corporate goals / visions / position statement
  • Craft core values / brand attributes in support of the newly defined ideal position
  • Build a strategic roadmap to move the client from current brand state to the newly defined ideal brand state
  • Create naming conventions / on-going brand messages
  • Strategic brand map generated + all touch points connected